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40 000 ltrs  STRÜVER aircraft refueler , max. delivery 2400 ltrs/min

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30 000 ltrs ELLINGHAUS refueler for JET A1 fuel,
pressure and nozzle refueling

STRÜVER high speed Hydrant Dispenser, delivery

3800 ltrs/min


40 cbm refueler made by STRÜVER in 1991
Overwing and underwing refueling

PN 3893:

40 cbm HÜNERT refueler from 1995 for
Reelhose and deckhose operation with Liftable platform

PN 3402:

38 cbm STRÜVER refueler from 1983 from private operator with very few operating hours, suitable for underwing and overwing refuelling

20000 l

compact bowser refurbished and mounted on new chassis